LS&C invests as Family Office in Digital Assets, Venture Capital and Real Estate.


Independence in equity management at LS&C ensures rapid yet mindful investment choices, reflecting the owners entrepreneurial ethos.


In the face of increasingly accelerating progress, we want to leave behind traces to lead steadfast into a better future. That is why we desire to joyously tear down existing concepts when they have become obsolete burdens and give our all to develope and build new sustainable structures. This is how we manage to maintain our core values in a constantly changing environment while using the ever rising tide of digitisation for our purposes rather than being swept away by the current zeitgeist and do what we love most – to create substance.

Our Investment Focus

Digital Assets

Our commitment to Digital Assets is not just an investment strategy; it's a belief in the transformative power of blockchain and Web3 technologies. Central to our ethos is the conviction that Digital Assets are the keystones of a new financial paradigm. We predominantly invest in tokens, viewing them as the most direct and potent expression of value in the digital realm.

Venture Capital

In the arena of Venture Capital, we embody a strategic and expansive approach. Our primary pathway is through partnership in leading venture capital funds, where we contribute as a Limited Partner. It allows us to be part of diverse and high-potential portfolios. When we encounter enterprises that resonate profoundly with our values and vision, we are poised to invest directly.

Real Estate

Real Estate represents stability and enduring value in our portfolio. Recognizing the dynamic nature of Digital Assets and Venture Capital, we view Real Estate as a fundamental hedge, providing a counterbalance to more volatile sectors.
Instead of direct property investments, we channel our funds into a suite of companies we own, each specializing in different market segments.

What is LS&C?

A family office, representing the personal and strategic investment vehicle of entrepreneur Ludwig Schroedl. LS&C is exclusively utilizing its own capital to foster a dynamic and forward-thinking portfolio. Distinct in its approach, we operate independently, free from external fund influences, allowing for direct alignment with our investment principles. This structure ensures legal clarity and a strong focus on innovative investments that reflect our commitment to driving progress and value.

Which companies attract direct investments from LS&C?

Our direct investments are strategically chosen, with a notable emphasis on the health sector, reflecting Ludwig Schroedl's profound interest in health and longevity. This focus extends to digital asset companies. Beyond that, we actively seek and invest in companies across various sectors that meet our high standards for innovation and potential. Our direct investment decisions are clear-cut, driven by opportunity, strategic fit, and the potential to leverage and diversify significantly our portfolio.

What drives the focus on Digital Assets?

Our commitment to Digital Assets is not just an investment strategy; it's a belief in the transformative power of blockchain and Web3 technologies. Our approach is discerning and visionary, seeking out projects where technology meets practicality, ensuring our investments are not just profitable, but pivotal. We believe in the potential of decentralized systems to redefine transactions, empower individuals, and create a more equitable digital economy. By investing in Blockchain and Web3 companies, we are not just participants in this digital revolution; we are its advocates and architects. At LS&C, we're forging a future where digital assets are integral to global progress, reflecting our deep-rooted belief in innovation, integrity, and impact.

Since when is LS&C investing?

LS&C has been actively operating as a company since 2020, with our roots in the Digital Asset space stretching back to 2016. Over these years, we have successfully leveraged strategic assets to build a robust, eight-figure portfolio. Our portfolio is carefully balanced, ensuring solidity and resilience even under challenging market conditions

Can third parties invest in LS&C?

Currently, LS&C operates exclusively with its own capital and does not offer direct investment opportunities for third parties. However, we welcome opportunities for co-investment where external investors can invest alongside us in specific ventures. This approach allows us to maintain our strategic investment focus while offering collaborative investment opportunities under specific conditions.

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Digital Assets

L1/L2 Solutions

Venture Capital

Health Tech
Digital Health
Life Science
Space Tech

Real Estate

Residential Property
Commercial Property
Real Estate Development
Service Living
Senior Living
Assisted Living
Mixed-Use Developments
Data Centers
International Property

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