Who we are

LS&C is the family office of entrepreneur Ludwig Schroedl. We are investors but also entrepreneurs. In the face of increasingly accelerating progress, we want to leave behind traces to lead steadfastly into a better future. That is why we desire to joyously tear down existing concepts when they have become obsolete burdens. And give us all the time to develop and build new sustainable structures.

This is how we manage to maintain our core values in a constantly changing environment while using the ever-rising tide of digitalization for our purpose rather than being swept away by the current zeitgeist and doing what we love most - to create substance.

Our Investment focus

Real Estate

Through our companies SCHROEHOF, LUMAR LIVING, NOVION and co, we invest in commercial and residential real estate.

Private Equity

Private equity has become an important pillar of our company, so we invest in existing business models or aggregate them.

Venture Capital

We invest in various venture capital funds, as well as having our own venture capital funds lsandc.ventures